User Connections Demo

This is the demo page for UPME User Connections addon. You can try the various type of user connection fields using the demo profile.

Instructions for Using User Connections Demo

User Connections addon contains 4 field types as explained in the features section.

This demo contains 4 fields called,

  • Manager ( 1 Way Single User Connection)
  • Sibling ( 2 Way Single User Connection)
  • Parents ( 1 Way Multiple User Connection)
  • Friends ( 2 Way Multiple User Connection)

Following profile shows how user connections are displayed inside profile.  You can click on the links to see how connections are displayed on connected user profiles.

You can also try adding your own connections by registering an account and login to the profile by using the login form on the bottom.

Once loggedin, you will have these 4 fields in your profile and you can add existing users to see how connections work.  If you want to understand it perfectly, I suggest you to create multiple accounts and making connections within your accounts.

Please not that all these fields are genral user connection fields and doesn’t have special meaning. For example: Friends field is just used to illustrate multiple connections. There is no actual friendship related features.

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