User Badges Management

UPME Create User Badges

User badges allows you to assign badges to your members. You have the ability to create multiple badge fields to assign multiple badge types. Once UPME All In One addon is installed, you will get new custom post type in left menu. You can click Add New button to create a new user badge.


You can add a title and description for the badge. Then you have upload the image for the badge using the featured image section. Once uploaded, you can view the list of badges as shown in the following screen.


Creating User Badge Fields

Next task after creating badges is to create fields for badges. You can create one or more badge fields based on your preference. Go to the Custom Fields section of UPME and you will find a new field type called User Badge. Following screen shows the User Badge field type in custom fields.


Create a new field with the type User Badge for assigning badges.  This field will be available in Edit Profile screen. It wont be displayed in the registration form. Only admins can assign badges for users at this stage.


Assign Badges to Fields

Then you have to assign the created badges to the badge fields. Go to User Badges Settings in UPME ALL In One settings section. Following screen previews the settings section for badges.


Here, we have 2 user badges fields. You need to assign the created badges in to these fields. If kept blank, all the badges will be automatically assigned to the badge field. Otherwise, only selected badges will be available. Once saved, you can edit user profiles to assign badges.


Assign Badges to Fields

Now we are ready to assign badges to users. Only admins can assign badges to users. Once you go to the Edit Profile section of user, you will find the user badges fields as shown in the following screen.


Once you assign and save badges, it will be displayed in the profile as shown in the following screen.