Manage Profile Tabs

UPME Create Profile Tabs

This feature allows you to create and manage new profile tabs with dynamic content inside UPME Profile .Once UPME All In One addon is installed, you will get new custom post type called Profile Tabs in left menu. You can click Add New button to create a profile tab.


Profile Tab Options

Let’s take a look at the available fields in profile tab creation.

  • Title– This is used to identify the profile tab You may choose whatever name you remember for the profile tab.
  • Content – This is used to add dynamic content to the tab. You can use any options available in post editor to define static content. You can also allow dynamic content by using shortcodes. You can use your own shortcodes as well as shortcodes from other plugins. Please refer the Profile Tabs Limitations section for more details.
  • Display Status – This allows you to restrict viewing of profile tabs for certain users. You have the option to allow the tab for public users, all loggedin users or profile owner only.
  • Tab Status – You can enable or disable a profile tab any given time to show/hide it from all profiles.
  • Tab Icon – This icon is the identifier for the tab. Users will see this icon as the tab. You can click on the icon to load the contents of tab.

Following image previews the Profile Tabs inside UPME Profile.


Using Custom Fields Inside Profile Tabs

You can display UPME custom fields inside profile tabs using the following shortcode. You have to replace meta key with your own custom field meta key. You can repeat this shortcode multiple times to display multiple custom fields inside a profile tab.

[uaio_profile_tab_field meta_key='meta key' ]

However, you can only display custom fields inside profile tabs and remove those fields from main profile tab. Users can’t edit custom fields from profile tabs.

Profile Tabs List

Once new profile tab is created, you can see it inside the list with the respective shortcode as shown in the following screen. All you have to do is copy the shortcode and add it to a post/page to get the registration form with the configured settings.


Profile Tabs Limitations

  • You can’t  use UPME shortcodes for profile, login, registration, member list and search etc.. inside profile tabs .
  • If you are using shortcodes from external plugins that requires viewed profile id, you will have to do code integration to make the third party shortcodes work with upme.