Mailchimp Subscription Fields

UPME Mailchimp Subscriptions

UPME Mailchimp Subscriptions allows you to add your site users into various Mailchimp email lists on your account. You can create multiple Mailchimp fields and let users Subscribe/Unsubscribe from different lists.

First, you have to setup your Mailchimp account with UPME. Go to UPME All In One -> Email Settings -> Mailchimp tab. Then you can add the API Key of your Mailchimp account and save the changes as shown in the following screenshot.

Creating Mailchimp Subscription Fields

You can go to UPME Settings -> Custom Fields section to create new fields. You will find a new option called Mailchimp Subscription Field. Create the field and assign the settings based on your preference. Following screenshot previews how to add a Mailchimp field.

Assigning Mailchimp List to Subscription Fields

Once Mailchimp field is created, you will see it in UPME All In One -> Email Settings -> Mailchimp Fields tab. All the email lists in your Mailchimp account will be listed inside the dropdown. You can select a list for the created Mailchimp field and save the settings as shown in the following screen.

Subscribe/Unsubscribe to Mailchimp Lists

Now you will get the Mailchimp field on the Edit Profile section of your profile. You can also display the field on registration form by using the settings. Follwoing screenshot previews how Mailchimp field is displayed to your users.

Now, users can click the button anytime to Subscribe/Unsubscribe from the email list. You can create multiple fields for subscribing into different email lists or you can allow different subscription lists based on different user roles by using the custom field settings.