Image Galleries

UPME Image Galleries

UPME Image Galleries allows users to create image galleries and display the galleries inside the profile using Fancybox popup modal.

First, you have to create image gallery field to create galleries. Each image gallery field allows users to create one image gallery. You can allow zero or more gallery fields on your site. Once, gallery addon is installed, you will get a new field type in UPME Custom Fields section called Image Gallery Field as shown in the following screenshot. You can configure the settings for this field as needed. However, all the available settings may not work for this field may not work as galleries are displayed outside the profile fields.

Once gallery field is created, you will see it in the Edit Profile section of user profiles as a custom field.

Configure Settings for Image Galleries

You can go to UPME Gallery tab on the left menu to configure settings for image galleries. Following screenshot previews the available settings for galleries.

  • Display Selected Galleries After Fields – Gallery fields are not displayed inside the profile as normal custom fields. Galleries are displayed after the fields section as a separate section or within a profile tab. This setting can be used to decide which gallery fields are displayed after the profile fields. Only the gallery fields selected here will appear in the user profile by default.
  • Gallery Thumbnail Width – This is used to configure the width of the image thumbnails shown inside the profile.
  • Gallery Thumbnail Height – This is used to configure the height of the image thumbnails shown inside the profile.

Creating Image Galleries

As a user, you can go to the Edit Profile section to upload images to your image gallery. You will see the gallery field with a button as shown in the following screenshot.

Click on the button to open popup window for uploading images to the gallery. You will get a screen similar to the following screenshot.

Now, you can upload any number of images to your gallery and the previews will be shown as displayed in the previous screenshot. Once all the images are uploaded, you have to click the Save Gallery button to save the images to the gallery. Once gallery is saved, you can close the popup window.

Deleting Images

Images can be removed any time by opening the gallery window by clicking Upload Images button and clicking the Delete button under each image. Once you complete deleting images, click on the Save Gallery button to save the gallery.

Displaying Image Galleries After Profile Fields

You can display image galleries after the profile fields or within a separate profile tab. If you want to display the galleries after the profile fields, use the settings section to configure the necessary gallery fields. Once setup, galleries will be shown similar to following screenshot.

Once image is clicked, you will get the popup gallery with larger image and the navigation buttons as shown in the following screen.

Displaying Image Galleries In Profile Tabs

If you have UPME All In One addon, you can display the galleries in a separate profile tab. Create a profile tab and assign the following shortcode along with the meta key of your gallery field.

[uiga_profile_tab_gallery_field meta_key='meta key of your field' ]

Following image displays how to add the shortcode in a profile tab.

Once profile tab is saved, you can see the image gallery in a separate profile tab instead of inside the profile after the fields section, as shown in the following screenshot.