Google +1 Field

UPME Google +1 Field

UPME Google +1 Field allows users to recommend your profile on Google search and share it on Google+. This works as a normal custom field and located in the profile fields section of UPME profile. If logged in, you can instantly share/recommend profile through Google+. This is a great feature for letting users share your profile on Google+ and increasing your visibility in Google search.

Please note that you will need the UPME and Yoast SEO integration to use this feature effectively.

First, you have to create Google +1 field from the custom fields section. Once, Social connect addon is installed, you will get a new field type in UPME Custom Fields section calledĀ Google +1 Field as shown in the following screenshot. You can configure the settings for this field as needed. However, some of the available settings may not work for this field as its different to a normal custom field.



OnceĀ Google +1 field is created, you will see it in the View Profile section of user profiles as a custom field. However, in Edit Profile section, you will be only allowed to use Hide from Public checkbox as this field doesn’t require user input.

Display Google +1 Field

Once the field is created, you will see it inside the profile as shown in the following screenshot. Users can see and recommend the profile on Google+ based on their permission levels.